Age of Triumph

Published on March 28th, 2017 | by 8bitbrit

Cayde-6 is my Spirit Animal

Bungie revealed their first Destiny 2 teaser trailer with Cayde-6 drinking at a bar amidst space battle. Can we talk about how Cayde-6 brought humor and life to a majority of the Destiny story and missions? Seriously. He is just fantastic and one of my favorite NPCs in Destiny.

Also… who is he fighting? Super Cabal? That poor Sweeping Robot has such a mess to clean… Watch the video below and tell me what your thoughts are in the comments.

Bungie promises the full Destiny 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer to Guardians on March 30th at 10 AM PT. Oh, and if you didn’t now already, the Age of Triumph started today <3

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