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After Con ReCap: Let’s Talk About Phoenix Comicon 2017

I am going to start out by thanking the Phoenix Police Department and the Phoenix Comicon staff for their swift actions to protect the guests/attendees at Phoenix Comicon. On Thursday, the first day of the convention, a man named Matthew Sterling snuck past security with live ammunition and a “plot to assassinate” PCC guest, the Green Power Ranger.

I don’t want to entertain the facts of the incident any more than the media has, but it resulted in a no-prop ban that upset the whole community. The #NoPropBan led popular local cosplayers and attendees to ask for refunds. Cosplayers who spent countless hours and money making props for their costumes were very unhappy when the ban was announced, but like myself and others attending the convention, we knew it was for the greater good of the event.

The no-prop ban led to the removal of the popular lightsaber vendor, Ultra Sabers from the exhibitor floor. I purchased a lightsaber from the vendor and my saber was properly bagged. I don’t think it was fair for their removal, but I also was not on the exhibitor floor monitoring the vendors. The ban also made viral waves on Facebook. Salt Lake Comic Con took a jab at PCC towards the end of the convention that led to this apology from the SLCC staff.

Phoenix Comicon had media problems and drama earlier this year… unrelated to this incident. Some say it might be “the end” for Phoenix Comicon’s popularity but many local cosplayers, exhibitors, attendees attended the convention this year and had an amazing time.

It is now time to forget about the “negative” moments that defined this year’s convention and focus on some of the positive highlights from the con:

  • The #NoPropBan inspired creativity amongst costumers. Bananas were used to replace prop blasters and bendy straws replaced lightsabers. Even cardboard cutouts were used for “props”.

#StrawWars, Marissa Rich & Scott Parker | Photo by Marissa Rich of Change Your Fate Cosplay

Overwatch Cosplay, Photographer Unknown

Banana, pew pew! 8BitBrit & Scott Parker | Photo by Marissa Rich

Christopher Baker proposed to Amy Crowe Secrest | Photo: Ray Mora Jr. of Steelhand Productions

The local Mandalorian Mercs with author Timothy Zahn

The Ladies of the Legion

The Dark Empire, Twin Sun Spire

The Dune Sea Garrison, 501st Legion with author Timothy Zahn

  • The Yip Yips invaded the Halls of Heroes… Full Video by Victoria Rogers

  • I can’t forget to mention the wonderful group of cosplayers at Comicare. You rock!

    Friends! Marissa Rich, Jessica Nelson, Joker’s Kiss Cosplay, AZTonyStark, and all the spiderlings from Comicare! | Photo by me.

  • I can’t forget one of my favorite costumes at PCC by Jesika StarShooter Cosplay… The Good Fairy Merriweather from Sleeping Beauty! I might be a little biased since I watched the progress of her costume, but I don’t care! It came out amazing!

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