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Published on June 12th, 2017 | by 8bitbrit


Programming is NOW LIVE for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the summer comic convention you don’t want to miss! Today ALVCC announced their programming was live! It’s time to start planning out your day with guests like Stan Lee, Peter Mayhew, Rob Liefeld, Ray Parks, and other amazing guests!

I can’t wait to get out of town at the end of the month and see what ALVCC is all about! Last year the Amazing Comic Con organizers announced they will not be returning to Phoenix. So, to Vegas, we will go! What better place to have an AMAZING convention?

As much fun as Phoenix Comicon was this year, I still feel like I need to get my cosplay on. Currently, ALVCC has not announced any sort of prop restrictions, yet. This is great news for people who attended PCC and are headed to Vegas!

Stan Lee has an amazing presence at comic conventions, and I urge attendees to jump on the chance to see him at ALVCC. The convention is more intimate compared to being at SDCC, and you will never have an experience like this before… and sadly, as we all know, he might not be around too much longer in the convention scene. I would attend the con just to see him again =)  I think I am most excited to see him, Peter Mayhew, and Ray Park, the man behind Darth Maul.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your tickets, photo ops, or autograph sessions… YOU WILL MISS OUT!! Get your tickets for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con now. Single Day Tickets, Full 3-day Admission, and a Limited Number of VIP Packages are still available. Remember if you are attending the convention with your little ones if they are 10 or under, they are always free! 

Main Floor Hours are as follows:

  • Friday, 6/23: 3pm-8pm
  • Saturday, 6/24: 10am-7pm
  • Sunday, 6/25: 10am-6pm

Make sure you follow ALVCC on their social accounts for the fast method of updates regarding the convention:


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